Women’s Migration Networks in Mexico and Beyond

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University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque (2009)


Women’s Migration Networks in Mexico and Beyond traces the migration history of a woman born on a rancho in Jalisco who sought work first in Mexico City and then in Mexicali. It gives an overview of her life and work, and the careers of two of her eight daughters who migrated from the border city of Mexicalli to the United States, one to Arizona and one to Nevada. Concepts such as networks, social capital, transnationalism and gender and migration are defined in one chapter and revisited throughout the book. Changes in gender relations in Mexico are explored to explain the greater incidence of women’s migration to the United States in recent times. It is shown that migration networks based in urban centers differ from migration networks based in rural communities, with women playing a greater role in cities. Principles explaining the dynamics of urban-based transnational migration networks are offered.