Understanding 2008 Global Financial Crisis

The following are links to resources which help to understand the financial crisis that is currently impacting the global economy.


The Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania

  • Powerpoint presentation on the Bailouts (PDF)
  • The Global Economic & Financial Crisis: A Timeline (PDF)
  • Powerpoint Presentation on the Crisis (PPT)
  • Systemic Banking Crises, IMF Working Paper (PDF)
  • Eight Centuries of Financial Crises, National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 13882 (PDF)
  • Lauder Students on Channel 69 News (WMV)

Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) 

  • Eds, Andrew Felton and Carmen M. Reinhart. The First Global Financial Crisis of the 21st Century, A VoxEU.org Publication (PDF, Entire Book)
  • Section 1 Why Did the Crisis Happen? (PDF)
  • Section 2 How Is the Crisis Unfolding? (PDF)
  • Section 3 What Can Be Done? (PDF)