Workshop: Second Generation Research Dialogues. Comparative Perspectives on children of immigrants

Jan 16 2009 - 9:00am
Jan 17 2009 - 6:00pm

The Center for Metropolitan Studies Berlin presents the two-day workshop "Second Generation Research Dialogues. Comparative Perspectives on children of immigrants" / Berlin, 16|17 January 2009

Within integration debates across Europe, focus has shifted from the first to the so called second generation of immigrants in recent years. Their performance in educational systems and on the job markets is tied to success or failure of integration policies and scrutinized with concern, as is their cultural, social and religious orientation. In many places a very contested group, the second generation symbolizes permanency of migration and growing diversity while raising questions about the concept and mechanisms of „integration“ today. In this workshop, current work on second generation immigrants will be discussed along two main themes: the second generation and the city, the second generation in school

Central questions and concerns include

the impact of cities on processes of second generation identity construction, self representation and negotiation between cultural spheres
its role as arena for political participation, claim making and social positioning
its role as living and working environment and space of opportunity or restraint
as social space and place of belonging
the educational participation of second generation immigrants in comparative perspective
inequalities within educational systems
linkages between educational settings, policies and attainment
the role of teachers, friends, families and other factors impacting educational careers

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