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Purity and Exile: Violence, Memory, and National Cosmology Among Hutu Refugees in Tanzania, Malkki,Liisa H , 1995///, Issue Chicago, p. - 352, (1995)

Through extensive fieldwork in two refugee communities, Malkki finds that the refugees' current circumstances significantly influence these constructions. Those living in organized camps created an elaborate "mythico-history" of the Hutu people, which gave significance to exile, and envisioned a collective return to the homeland of Burundi. Other refugees, who had assimilated in a more urban setting, crafted identities in response to the practical circumstances of their day to day lives. Malkki reveals how such things as national identity, historical consciousness, and the social imagination of "enemies" get constructed in the process of everyday life. The book closes with an epilogue looking at the recent violence between Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda and Burundi, and showing how the movement of large refugee populations across national borders has shaped patterns of violence in the region.

How can we avoid placelessness? A phenomenological study of place and place-making with four case studies of landscape design projects in Boston and its vicinity (Massachusetts, Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr., Laurie Olin, Peter Walker, Martha Schwartz), Huang, Chang-Shan , p.1-191, (1995) Abstract
Cultural Identity and Global Process, Friedman,Jonathan , 1994///, Issue London, p. - 270, (1994)

Examining ideas ranging from world systems theory to postmodernism, Jonathan Friedman investigates the relations between the global and the local, to show how cultural fragmentation and modernist homogenization are equally constitutive trends of global reality. With examples taken from a rich variety of theoretical sources, ethnographic accounts of historical eras, the analysis ranges across the cultural formations of ancient Greece, contemporary processes of Hawaiian cultural identification and Congolese beauty cults.

Fetishized Blackness: Hip Hop and Racial Desire in Contemporary Japan, Cornyetz, Nina , Social Text, p.113-139, (1994)
The reciprocity between architectural typology and urban morphology, Hwang, Jea-Hoon , p.1-241, (1994) Abstract
Globalization, Trade, and Income, Harris, Richard G , The Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue canadienne d'Economique, nov, Volume 26, p.755-776, (1993)
Global Television and the Politics of the Seoul Olympics, Larson,James F , 1993///, Issue Boulder, p. - 281, (1993)
Making Capitalism: The Social and Cultural Construction of a South Korean Conglomerate, Janelli,Roger L.; Yim,Dawnhee , 1993///, Issue California, (1993)

This book was written at the height of the South Korean economic miracle. It is fascinating to read it (again) just after the worst year that South Korea has had economically in decades. It speaks well to the advantages of ethnographic research and description that the book, researched in 1986-7, still retains its value and interest, unlike many volumes about the economic lessons to be learned from the East Asian miracle that were written for the business market. By doing extensive participant-observation research within one of the largest Korean chaebol (large and sprawling conglomerates that dominate the South Korean economy), Janelli identified many of the tensions, that have become much more apparent in the aftermath of the Asian flu. His unusual (for an anthropologist) background in accountancy might have helped encourage his scepticism, but most of it is clearly attributed to the questioning of his insightful informants within the middle managerial ranks of the company. (Review by by Alan Smart

Globalization, Trade, and Income, Harris, Richard , The Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue canadienne d'Economique > Vol. 26, No. 4, (1993)
Making Capitalism: The Social and Cultural Construction of a South Korean Conglomerate, Janelli, Roger L.; Yim Dawnhee , Stanford, (1993)

Book Jacket: "The work focuses on South Korea's new middle class. It explains how office workers' identities and often contradictory interests present them with choices between alternative interpretations and actions affecting both themselves and their conglomerates. Much attention is paid to ideological and more coercive means of controlling white-collar employees, to subordinates' strategies of resistance, and to ways in which cultural understandings and moral claims inform the assessment and pursuit of material advantage."

Trade - The Engine of Growth in East Asia, Chow, Peter C. Y.; Kellman, Mitchell H. , (1993)

The Newly Industrializing Countries (NICs) of the Pacific Basin - Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore - differ in many ways. Each has its own language, culture, political life, and economic system. But there is one crucial characteristic they all hold in common: each has succeeded in defying in what Peter C.Y. Chow and Mitchell Kellman define as a "vicious circle of poverty" following World War II. In Trade - The Engine of Growth in East Asia, the authors provide a comprehensive analysis of the economic factors which fueled the "engine of growth." They combine a detailed body of empirical data with an unusually broad theoretical framework to highlight the factors in each industry and market which contributed to the success of these countries. The work examines and forecasts potential competition from the surrounding geographic area. It also contrasts the development of the NICs with Japan, with "next tier NICs, " and with each other in a variety of markets, including those of the United States and the increasingly unified Europe. Using modern economic theory and sophisticated quantitative techniques, Trade - The Engine of Growth in East Asia will enable scholars, students, policymakers, and professionals to understand the success of these East Asian models of growth.

Tradition and its study as discursive practice: Modern and postmodern perspectives on folklore research, Anttonen, Pertti Juhani , p.1-281, (1993) Abstract
Cultural differences in innovation championing strategies, Shane, Scott Andrew , p.1-183, (1992) Abstract
Sounds Authentic: Black Music, Ethnicity, and the Challenge of a "Changing" Same, Gilroy, Paul , Black Music Research Journal, Volume 11, p.111-136, (1991)
The Anti-Politics Machine: "development," Depoliticization, and Bureaucratic Power in Lesotho, Ferguson,James , 1990///, Issue Cambridge , p. - 320, (1990)

A case study of development in the Thaba-Tseka district of Lesotho during the period 1975 to 1984, which looks at the workings of the development industry in the country, and in particular at one development project.

Korean Development into the 21st Century: Economic, Political and Spatial Transformation, Lim, Gill C.; Lee, Gi-Beom; Lee, Man-Hyung , 1988///, Issue Urbana, Il, Urbana, IL, p.146, (1988)

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Planning and Development in Rapidly Changing Societies, September 25-26,1987 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Includes bibliographical references.

The Mobility of Labor and Capital: A Study in International Investment and Labor Flow, Sassen, S. , (1988)

'Any author aspiring to say something new on the subject of migration faces great competition. Classic studies by Max Weber and W. I. Thomas have plowed this furrow. Social scientists from around the world have had a go at it ... In this short and densely written volume, Saskia Sassen succeeds at the all important challenge: she develops a new idea.' American Journal of Sociology 'This is without doubt one of the most thought-provoking books on international migration to be published in recent years ... The theorizing contained in this book is made all the more interesting because it is accompanied by much empirical detail.' Environment and Planning 'This book probes an interesting set of problems and, by challenging conventional ideas, will stimulate further research.' Journal of Economic History 'In a major contribution, Sassen uses a detailed case study of US economic evolution, 1960-1985, to illustrate the integral links between investment flows, both foreign and domestic, and the influx of migrant labor ... The richest recent case study ...' World Development '... quite simply the most important writing being produced by any scholar in the US today on the subject of the 'new immigration". Professor Bennett Harrison, Massachusetts Institute of Technology '... probably the best book in the field that I have knowledge of in many years. Professor Sassen is one of the most innovative researchers in the area of urban political economy'. Professor Manuel Castells, University of California, Berkeley '... an intelligent combination of theorizing and relevant data which is the mark of a good book'. State University of New York, Binghamton

Europe and the People Without History, Wolf,Eric R , 198///, Issue Berkeley, p. - 503, (1982)

The intention of this work is to show that European expansion not only transformed the historical trajectory of non-European societies but also reconstituted the historical accounts of these societies before European intervention. It asserts that anthropology must pay more attention to history.