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Tourism, Consumption and Representation: Narratives of Place and Self, Meethan, Kevin; Anderson, Alison; Miles, Steven , 2007///, p.256, (2007)

This book addresses the practices of consumption in tourism, a major theme in the sociology of tourism. To date, most tourism analysis has tended to concentrate on the production of tourist space, and assume that tourism consumption simply mirrors the intentions of the producers. By focussing on a number of relevant sub-themes, such as age, gender, religion and sexual orientation, the chapters within this book critically examine such assumptions in terms of the interplay between the production and consumption of tourist spaces, and how patterns of tourism consumption are negotiated on an individual level.

The Ambivalent Consumer: Questioning Consumption in East Asia and the West, Garon, Sheldon M.; Maclachlan, Patricia L. , 2006///, Issue Ithaca, N., Ithaca, p.314, (2006)

In The Ambivalent Consumer, Abe Fellows Sheldon Garon and Patricia L. Maclachlan of the University of Texas, Austin bring together an array of scholars who explore the ambivalence provoked by the global spread of "American" consumer culture. The first comparative volume to examine global phenomena of consumer culture from the perspective of East Asia, this book analyzes not only the attractions of mass consumption but also the many discontents and dilemmas that arise from consumerism. The Ambivalent Consumer offers a useful perspective on the political economies of consumption to address such pressing topics as movements against genetically modified foods; shifting relations among consumers, producers, and states; the differential influence of gender on consumption; and conflicting consumer attitudes toward globalization. The volume is the result of a seminar series organized by the Abe Fellowship Program of the SSRC with funding provided by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.

Consuming Globalization: Youth and Gender in Kerala, India, Lukose, Ritty , Journal of Social History, Volume 38, Issue 4, p.915-935, (2005) Abstract

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Empty Citizenship: Protesting Politics in the Era of Globalization, Lukose, Ritty , Cultural Anthropology, Volume 20, Issue 4, p.506-533, (2005) Abstract

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Suitably Modern: making middle-class culture in a new consumer society, Mark Liechty , Princeton, p.292, (2003) Abstract
Media in China: Consumption, Content and Crisis, Donald, Stephanie Hemelryk; Keane, Michael; Hong, Yin , 2002///, Issue London, London, (2002)

This book is about a new kind of revolution in China - a revolution in which rapidly commercializing media industries confront slow-changing power relations between political, social and economic spheres.

Consumption in Asia: Lifestyles and Identities, Chua, Beng Huat , 2000///, London and New York, p.256, (2000)

Challenging and contemporary, this collection of essays examines the processes which have transformed underdeveloped countries into full-blown consumer societies. Featuring contributors from These essays give the first detailed analysis of consumerism within East and South-East Asia and contain case studies from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan.