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The Anthropology of Globalization: A Reader, Inda, Jonathan Xavier; Rosaldo, Renato , 2008///, Issue Malden, MA, p. - 481, (2008)

Over the last decade globalization has captured the public and academic imagination. The term globalization describes a condition in which the rapid flow of capital, people, goods, images, and ideologies across national boundaries continuously draws more of the world into webs of interconnections -- thereby compressing our sense of time and space and making the world feel smaller. The Anthropology of Globalization provides an exciting introduction to this world of flows and interconnections. What sets this volume apart is its ethnographic focus. The Anthropology of Globalization focuses simultaneously on the large-scale processes through which various cultures are becoming increasingly interconnected and on the ways that people around the world -- from Africa and Asia to the Caribbean and North America -- mediate these processes in culturally specific ways. In other words, these articles highlight the conjunctural and situated character of globalization. Editors Inda & Rosaldo have collected some of the finest work on globalization published in English over the past decade and have provided readers with a rich introduction to the subject, additional section introductions, and recommendations for further readings.