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XVI. Firebombing of French satirical magazine

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Response to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo (news:
Discussion between Brian Spooner and Frank Fortunato.
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Sex and the City: Changing Gender Relations under Globalization

Presented at the Forum of Center for Globalization Studies in an Urban World

World Bank's Urbanization Knowledge Platform

Part of a presentation at Globalization Studies in an Urban World's faculty forum (March 18, 2011)

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Date filmed Issue/news Topical focus
05.27.2011 Introduction to topics in the Middle East General, Middle East
05.27.2011 Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions Politics, Revolutions
06.03.2011 Issues in Middle East and South Asia General, Middle East, South Asia
06.10.2011 State, rape, and violence in Libya Violence, Gender relations
06.17.2011 China defends interests in Spratley Islands Changing significance of islands
06.23.2011 China building ports in Indian Ocean Expanding int'l activities of China and India
07.07.2011 Debt ceiling summit Global finance
07.21.2011 Phone hacking Technology and society
07.28.2011 July 2011 Shooting in Norway Violence, society
08.11.2011 Riots in London Disorder and institutions 
09.01.2011 Hurricane Irene Insurance
09.08.2011 Authority of the State/Government General, Response to Saskia Sassen
10.06.2011 Wall St. Protests & Arab Springs Effect of Instant Communication Systems
10.20.2011 Changing authority of nation-states Nation-states and globalization
10.27.2011 Death of Gaddafi & Arab Springs Nation-states and globalization
11.03.2011 Firebombing of French satirical magazine Increases in violence